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ParkHunt is a parking solutions provider which provides valet parking and parking management solutions. We believe that we thoroughly  understand the problem of parking from ground up and we provide solutions that use both technology and strategic manpower and land utilization.


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Valet services
Efficient valet solutions
We provide bespoke valet services that include provision of manpower for all types of occasions and events. Our valet team is equipped with our custom app that ensures all customers have a seamless, contact-less and hassle-free experience with the valet. The app can also be provided to your existing valet team on a subscription basis, contact us for more details!
Parking management
Parking management solutions
Our customised application ensures that your parking premises are used to the highest efficiency and your customers have a contact-less and quick parking experience without tickets/receipts. All collection related to the parking space will be tabulated resulting in no losses of collection and/or theft by collectors.
Access Management
Access management solutions
We are introducing Access Management to Layouts, Apartments, Office spaces and Malls. Access Management has been made easier than ever before with our state of the art RFID integrated Barriers. Replace old-fashioned gates with our specialized Access Management product.

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More revenue
Hassle free parking
Paperless ticketing
Technology driven
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Monetization for plot owners
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Service at affordable prices
Parking tie ups for retail stores






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We aim to provide you with the most efficient and suitable solutions, tailor-made to your parking problems. Always here to answer your queries!

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Meet the team!

Kushal Reddy
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Kushal Reddy is The Founder and CEO of Park Hunt. Kushal has always looked at ideas that complement his desire to make a difference to the society and manifest the “wow” factor. His entrepreneur journey began when he started an events company immediately after his graduation. Since then he has dabbled in numerous ventures in the F&B, Sports events, Wedding events, Franchise industry and the QSR space. He strives for flawless execution towards heightened customer experience.
Aditya Ramesh
Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer
Aditya Ramesh is the Co-Founder and COO of ParkHunt. He is the Co-Founder of Sinusoidal Music Pvt Ltd and a keen eye to process optimisation and high level understanding of a wide range of topics are his strong suit. He also works with an Australian Firm for their APAC Seafood procurement. Aditya is also an avid musician and investor in his downtime.
Vishal Naidu
Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer
Vishal Naidu is the Co-founder and CTO of ParkHunt. He is also the founder of Sinusoidal Music Pvt Ltd and is also a musician with many successful releases. Optimizing conventional work flows using technology and almost a surgical approach to time management are his keys to success. While not composing music or working on his own company, he is also a Senior Software Engineer in a reputed healthcare company.
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